Regular meditation has been proven to provide benefits like reducing anxiety, improving mood and enhancing focus. If you are considering incorporating this practice into your life to improve your health and wellness, now is a great time to explore the rituals and tools available to help you meditate.

One example is the role cannabis could play in your meditation routine. Cannabis and meditation can be very effective together. Cannabis can provide stress-reducing and calming effects for some people and has a long history of contributing to meditation rituals.

Removes Painful Distractions 

Meditation can be an effective way to deal with physical pain by removing pain-related anxiety while boosting pain-fighting endorphins. However, if you have an injury or chronic pain conditions, meditation may be difficult because of the actual pain you are feeling. For example, even getting into a comfortable meditation position can be a struggle. Fortunately, THC combined with CBD at varying levels can help with inflammation and provide pain relief. Experimenting with cannabis products like topicals and low dose edibles are great ways to explore as cannabis and meditation provide both pain relief and a more rewarding meditation experience.

Adds A Layer Of Calmness 

For some, cannabis produces feelings of calmness, and so does meditation. Not surprisingly, when you combine cannabis and meditation, the calming effect may be felt more deeply. Since everyone is different, it will require exploring options offered at Colorado dispensaries. If you’re looking to use cannabis for mediation, it’s important to mention this to your budtender. Colorado is home to many innovative cannabis products like fast-acting edibles and flowers containing CBD and it’s always worth taking the time to learn what is new or what might be perfect for you.

Focuses On The Feeling 

Meditation involves grounding oneself into a specific feeling or mindset. One type is gratitude meditation, which involves focusing on one or two things that the meditator is especially thankful for. From there, the meditator will settle deeply into the feeling of gratitude. The right dose of CBD could also help bring gratitude to the front of your mind because it is so effective for many in reducing stress and anxiety.

Cannabis And Meditation 

When working with cannabis and meditation, we recommend experimenting so you can figure out what works best for you. Every meditator is different and will have different experiences. Roots Rx can help you find the best cannabis products for your meditation needs. Take a look at our product options today to learn what products will best serve your meditation practice, or visit one of our six Colorado locations and talk to our knowledgeable and friendly budtenders!