Loyalty, Deals & Discounts

The Loyalty Program

When you sign up for the Roots Rx Loyalty Program, you’ll receive exclusive discounts, collect points for redemption, secure invites to events, and receive access to all special offers first. Sign up next time you’re in the store. 

Spend To Earn

 Earn 1 point for every dollar spent

Refer your friends

 Receive 25% Off your first purchase with a referral card.

1 referral = 100 points + $10 cash

Points Redemption:

100 points = $5 off purchase
250 points = $15 off purchase
500 points = $35 off purchase
750 points = $60 off purchase
1000 points = $100 off purchase

Standing Discounts

Veterans with Active Duty or Military ID, Veterans Affairs Cards, or other supporting evidence of service are eligible to receive 10% off of their purchase.

Credentialed Teachers receive 10% off of their order


If you have 62 years of wisdom or more under your belt, you can receive 10% off of your order. 

Current Deals

All Roots Rx locations have a plethora of deals available every day. If you’re not sure which Roots Rx Location is closest to you, let’s figure it out together.