Welcome to Our Edwards Dispensary

Roots Rx Edwards is our most discreet store. We pride ourselves on being the Edwards dispensary with the most knowledgeable staff and incomparable customer service. Roots Rx is a dispensary that not only offers the highest quality cannabis products, we also provide the best price and best buy on our products. Roots Rx is the premier Edwards recreational dispensary in the Vail Valley. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our Edwards Location

Super discreet and tucked right underneath Homestead across from Riverwalk.

Customer Testimonials

Clara KennedyClara Kennedy
16:57 16 Jul 24
Always a friendly experience!
David PriceDavid Price
21:18 15 Jul 24
stevi lea Lewisstevi lea Lewis
23:02 11 Jul 24
On my travels I was going to stop in and get something for my pain, trying to keep it clean people! 😁 I guess I take to long because some guy came out and asked if I was dropping off and I said nope just getting some cash! Is that not okay? He said well we have ATMs inside, and processed to say something under his breath?? (Couldn’t hear) I said oh 👌 I’ll just go somewhere else! Little does he know I was about to drop $$$$ in his shop for something I was looking for but it’s cool I don’t need it! 👍(Don’t judge a 📚 by its cover)#cancerawareness💝
Daniel HerrickDaniel Herrick
19:47 01 Jul 24
BEST dispensary in the valley!!!
Bryce DowlingBryce Dowling
04:09 20 Jun 24
Went here when I came to Colorado with a few friends. Daniel was a great help and cool person 🤙🏻
I always love this place so much. So many people that I’ve had memories with like Denise and Sam. God I miss them so.much but Logan!! Omg Logan is the the guy and Daniel omg I think it’s daniel, he’s the one with glasses and I love him so much. They’re all absolutely amazing and wonderful every single one
Cuyler GerbichCuyler Gerbich
15:47 15 Jun 24
Daniel always has a smile and is very knowledgeable. Love the store – and the products – thx Team – make Edwards !!
Albert GouldAlbert Gould
18:56 06 Jun 24
Daniel is awesome. Very knowledgeable and friendly. It’s always nice to see him. 😎🤙
Justin KoenigsknechtJustin Koenigsknecht
17:09 25 May 24
Nastassia is the best! Very knowledgeable and nice.
Craig StensonCraig Stenson
20:15 30 Apr 24
Great shop with awesome staff! Thanks
Lilli MooreLilli Moore
20:18 14 Apr 24
Rayne is the best budtender ever! She is friendly, knowledgeable, so cool and funny. It’s always a delight to see her here! Great selection and good prices!
Christian GarciaChristian Garcia
20:02 04 Apr 24
Daniel is the man. Ive been going to Roots for a while and i love hearing “whats going on man?!” great dude, great employee. Need to leave more of these for him; I definitely dont do them enough considering how much i shop there.
Anthony BeausangAnthony Beausang
00:17 27 Mar 24
Logan was very friendly! Was able to answer any questions I had and made me feel welcome!
maddy chacosmaddy chacos
20:52 18 Feb 24
best bud tender ever!
Burton BaileyBurton Bailey
03:35 16 Feb 24
Great selection of flower!friendly bud tenders!
Steve HSteve H
02:36 15 Feb 24
Robert H was an excellent staff member and made us feel very comfortable. We never felt rushed and he didn’t act like he was doing us a favor. He is my favorite employee at Roots RX.
Todd WhitelowTodd Whitelow
18:02 05 Feb 24
Robert was super helpful!!
Natasha CorinneNatasha Corinne
02:47 30 Jan 24
Without even asking, Rayne looked up each strain online, to see if it leaned more sativa or Indica. She was very nice and made my experience amazing!
Elizabeth C SalazarElizabeth C Salazar
20:44 26 Jan 24
Robert is always helpful and kind. He doesn’t rush you or make you feel like a dummy when you have questions. He’s a professional and I’m happy when he’s working!
01:53 17 Jan 24
Rayne was knowledgeable and extremely helpful, I’m thankful for expertise and ease with orders!
Jose AviroJose Aviro
21:15 16 Jan 24
Everyone is really nice, and always make you feel comfortable while shopping, but Rayne is by far the nicest one in there, she really made my shopping experience very enjoyable.
Mark ApicellaMark Apicella
15:30 29 Dec 23
*This is my first 1 star review*After a ski accident and having trouble sleeping for 5 nights, I was excited to finally make it here on my vacation last night. One of the workers from the back office rejected my WA ID and then told me that he is not sure if my federally issued Nexus card is acceptable. When I asked how to find out what CO accepts, he told me to call the government, and there’s nothing he can do to help me find out the answer. It was 7:40 pm so instead of calling the government, I researched online in their waiting room, as a Lyft was outside with my family in it. The entire time, he kept giving me excuses about my IDs that I wasn’t asking for, arguing with me when I wasn’t talking back, and he was visibly bothered by me, which was distracting as I was minding my own business, trying to be quick and do my own research. He then said I was awkwardly standing in their waiting room too long, he didn’t know what else to tell me (once again, I wasn’t asking him to mansplain anything), and I needed to leave, which I did when he asked. He said twice that he was trying really hard not to be rude to me (btw that is a rude comment in itself). He was also visibly shaking, upset, waving his finger. There was another customer in the store who felt bad for how I was treated, and he was trying to give me advice on where to go, or what ID to use. He was WAY more helpful and empathetic. When I got back in the car, my family asked what was wrong, as they were able to see his anger through the window. I left feeling pretty icky for no reason, but my spirits quickly got better because my family was there to support me.
Ivan RicardezIvan Ricardez
23:26 01 Nov 23
Dan always makes it a positive visit. Always helpful, courteous, and knowledgable about the stores products. Thank you.
M HurdM Hurd
19:28 27 Oct 23
Awesome! came in to get what I wanted, my questions got answered, talked for a minute, then I was on my way. Great customer service.
Summer was a good sales rep. She knew about the products and the goings-on about the store and was able to inform me of things I did not even know! I will definitely come back thanks to her.

Elevate Your Senses with Roots Rx Recreational Dispensaries

At Roots Rx Edwards, our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to guide you through our extensive menu, ensuring you find the perfect product for your preferences and needs. Whether you’re seeking a calming indica for a cozy night in or a lively sativa for a day of exploration, we have something for every palate and experience level.

Why We Love Edwards

Picture this: You’re surrounded by the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, and as you step into Roots Rx Edwards, you enter a world where the beauty of nature harmonizes with the sophistication of exceptional cannabis.

What to Bring to Your Dispensary Visit

When you visit our dispensary in Colorado, there are a few things you might want to bring to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Government-issued ID: You must be at least 21 years old to purchase recreational cannabis in Colorado. Bring a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to verify your age.


Accepted Payments: All Roots Rx locations accept cash and debit cards. Bringing cash will ensure you can make your purchase without any issues. ATM’s are also available on site, but may have fees.


Medical marijuana card (if applicable): If you are a medical marijuana patient, bring your medical marijuana card and any necessary documentation. This may provide you with access to different products or discounts.


List of questions: If you’re new to cannabis or have specific concerns, write down any questions you may have for the dispensary staff. They are very knowledgeable and can provide guidance on products and usage.

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