One of the most exciting aspects of the Colorado cannabis industry, is the innovation taking place in cultivation to provide a generous variety of strains to the Colorado cannabis consumer.

Strain specific options are available beyond the flower shelf now in products like vape pens, concentrate, edibles and CBD products.

Cannabis strains are classified by dominance: Indica, Sativa or hybrid. The dominance refers to the location of the strains’ origin. It also describes the appearance and the effect of that strains terpene profile.  If you have Indica vs Sativa questions, read on to maximize your cannabis experience.

Indica vs. Sativa – What’s The Difference In How It Will Feel?

While everybody is different, there are some general characteristics that distinguish the two dominances. Sativa is generally described as having more of a head high. Sativa dominant products are also preferred by consumers looking to be active while consuming cannabis because they offer a more energetic and happy high for most.

Indica can be described as more of a body high and generally provides a more relaxing effect that some describe as sedative and ideal for sleep.

Hybrids can offer the best of both worlds depending on what strains are used in the genetics of that plant. Sativa leaning hybrids would offer the characteristics of a sativa and indica hybrids would lean more toward indica effects. Often these hybrid mixes can be made up of both dominances and can be ideal for someone looking for a varied experience.

What To Look For When Deciding On A Strain?

Once you’ve established with your budtender the type of experience you would like to have, there are a few ways to identify the strain that you should take home with you. Start with appearance, look for buds that are tightly packed together and have almost a sparkly sheen, also look at the different shades of green and purple in the buds. Next, smell the flower and notice the variance in citrus, diesel, sweet and woody hints. Pick a strain that looks and smells good to you.

Have More Questions?

Do you have any more questions about flower strains? We’d love to help! At Roots Rx, our expert budtenders are here to answer your questions and help you find products that will provide you with the best cannabis experience. Feel free to get in touch with us online or visit one of our six Colorado locations.