This Infused Buttercream Frosting recipe, created by Dialed In… Gummies, uses live rosin simple syrup for a quick and easy canna-boost to your favorite desserts. Whether you want to gather some friends for some delicious cupcakes or you like eating icing by the spoonful, this easy cannabis recipe is for anyone who likes to cook with cannabis. 

Looking for an easy way to dose your favorite cookies and cupcakes? The answer is simple: buttercream frosting.

Made with just a handful of pantry staples and Dialed In… Liquid Gummies’ Space Jamz Live Rosin Simple Syrup (or any Dialed In… Liquid Gummies strain), this creamy frosting is perfect for decorating any and every dessert you can think of.

The best part about buttercream frosting is that it’s a fan favorite. You can pretty much never go wrong because of its rich, creamy flavor. Some of the best pairings for buttercream frosting include:

  • • Classic cakes and cupcakes: vanilla, chocolate, carrot, red velvet, etc.
  • • Sugar cookies
  • • Cake pops
  • • Cookie sandwiches
  • • And more

Of course, if you eat your frosting straight out of the bowl…we won’t judge.

How to Make the Best Infused Buttercream Frosting

To make the best infused frosting, it is important to get high-quality ingredients. With only five basic ingredients, you can’t afford to skimp out.

Ensure your butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and milk of choice are fresh and stored properly before use.

You can use regular butter and milk or opt for dairy-free alternatives. If you prefer a substitute for butter, you can use dairy-free yogurts or an oil, such as coconut, olive, or vegetable oil.

Then, of course, there’s the cannabis.

At Roots Rx, we’re big fans of rosin because it provides a cleaner, more potent high, meaning you can get more with less. Because of the way live rosin is made, it also tends to be a natural and flavorful-forward extract compared to other extraction methods and cannabis product forms. This makes rosin a fantastic and versatile option for cooking with cannabis.

Our Colorado dispensary customers love Dialed In… Liquid Gummies – and so do we. Dialed In… is known for its high-quality extracts. Their products are terpene rich and mindfully made in small batches, ensuring best-in-class quality.

No matter how you choose to use rosin, we highly recommend these irresistible products. In addition to being top-notch, they’re extremely simple to use in your everyday rituals, which means that Infused Buttercream Frosting just got a lot easier.

If you are newer to cannabis and prefer to use something more familiar than rosin, you can always find infused cannabis butters and oils or find a cannabis tincture that you are comfortable working with.

Our Roots RX budtenders are well-versed in our inventory and can help find an alternative to liquid gummies at any of our six Colorado recreational locations.

You can also explore our online menu at a location near you and search for additional options. All of our locations are open 7 days a week and have order-ahead and in-store shopping options available.

Whether you choose to use the live rosin liquid gummies from Dialed In… or grab your favorite alternative, this Infused Buttercream Frosting is sure to elevate your baked goods and satisfy your cravings with every lick


  • • 1 cup salted butter (softened)
  • • 4 cups powdered sugar
  • • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • • 2 tbsp milk
  • • 1 bottle Dialed In… Liquid Gummies


  1. Add butter to a large bowl and cream with an electric mixer for 1 min
  2. Add powdered sugar into the bowl and mix one cup at a time until fully combined
  3. Add vanilla, milk, and Liquid Gummies and mix until very fluffy (about 2-3 min).
  4. Pipe onto your favorite treat and enjoy!