Colorado voters passed Amendment 64 in 2014 and it allowed for dispensaries in Colorado to begin legal cannabis recreational sales. Currently, the State of Colorado is home to many dispensaries that offer experiences that cater to many types of consumers.

So how do you find the exceptional dispensaries?

Read on to discover what to look for when seeking the best dispensaries in Colorado.

Knowledgeable Colorado Dispensary Budtenders

Budtenders are crucial to ensuring an incredible visit to any Colorado dispensary. They can provide insight into new products, can answer any questions you have, along with advise on the laws of legal recreational cannabis in Colorado. Things to consider about what to buy include: are you interested in the plants, edibles, or topical treatments? Are you looking for a specific dominance like sativa, Indica, or a hybrid?

Budtenders at the best dispensaries in Colorado are extensively trained to know what questions to ask so they can pair you with the right strain and product to fit your needs. Buying legal recreational cannabis is a unique experience for everyone and it’s best to provide as much information about what you are looking for from cannabis products.

Wide Selection Of Cannabis Products

The best dispensaries in Colorado offer a full range of products such as flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, vape carts and battery options, along with wellness products like topicals and tinctures. A variety of strains with varying THC and CBD ratios and percentages exist, within these products as well. This gives consumers the option to achieve whatever effect they are looking to achieve.

Other product options to ask your budtender about include edibles that are Gluten free, vegan or dairy free. Along with information about where the flower being sold in the store, is grown.

The Best Dispensaries In Colorado

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