Willie’s Reserve prefers independent farmers. With so many brands of cannabis available, it’s hard to always know what you get. The benefit of the Colorado Cannabis industry is that we are highly regulated with incredible standards of purity in regards to labeling. You will know which ingredients were used in the growing process and what that means. Additionally, most of the cultivation facilities in the state pride themselves on their farming and growing techniques.

How does that effect you? All of your products are made with cannabis that has likely been purchased from somewhere else. Therefore, Willie’s Reserve focuses solely on independent farmers, in their respective states. This ensures quality cannabis will make it into their products. To find more information about their standards, click here.

Companies, like Lucky Turtle, also require that their cannabis flower is 100% organic. Pot Zero is a 100% sustainable grow.

In all cases, as the Cannabis industry continues to emerge, your choices in quality products will continue to grow. No pun intended. More importantly, Roots Rx is committed to offering customers the best products. Which is why Willi’s Reserve focuses on products from independent farmers. Furthermore this ensures the products will match our values on all levels. These are levels are quality, integrity, as well as, commitment to community.