Whether you are a native Coloradan or just passing through on vacation, there are countless reasons to visit a Roots Rx Colorado dispensary. We have six adult-use cannabis dispensary locations to choose from and a wide variety of Colorado products to meet your needs.

We know a lot of places say that, but we really do have a lot of great stuff to choose from. Aside from an awesome selection of Colorado cannabis, here are three of the top reasons to visit us.

    1. Seriously Knowledgeable Dispensary Staff

Our staff participates in educational programs with all the brands we sell and are well educated on how to help customers find what they are looking for. Not only do we understand what cannabinoids do, but we can also give you insight as to which product may be the best fit for your therapeutic needs.

Not all cannabis products are built the same. Our dispensary staff goes the extra mile (high and otherwise) to interact with the brands we sell and fully understand what they are about.

For any questions or curiosities you have about the different brands and products, we’ll fill you in about:

  • Their brand mission
  • Product origin
  • How they are produced
  • And expected experience

You can expect that we have taken a deep dive into third-party testing, extraction processes, terpene profiles, and have sampled the product. And if we don’t have the answer to a question you have about one of the Colorado cannabis products we carry, we are more than happy to find out for you.

    2. Robust Dispensary Menu & Online Ordering

Many dispensaries have online ordering capabilities, but few are actually helpful. We’re different. Not only can you filter our online menu by product type, but also by THC and CBD potency.

Narrow down your selections by customer rating, activities to pair with products, desired effects, price point, and brand. Once you have tried a product, we would love for you to share your own review!

Here is a quick breakdown of the benefits of our online ordering system:

  • Online ordering is free and convenient
  • Your order will be ready to pick up within 15 minutes at the Roots Rx adult use cannabis dispensary location nearest to you
  • Filter our menu by location, product type, activities, feelings, deals, and more
  • Read useful verified reviews prior to purchase

    3. Dog-Friendly Colorado Dispensary

We are a dog-friendly Colorado dispensary for several reasons. If you are having a great day in the mountains with your favorite pooch, they shouldn’t have to wait outside while you run in to say hello to us and pick up supplies. Plus, selfishly, they brighten our day. Bring them in!

In case you weren’t aware, there are also cannabis products specifically for dogs. Though you certainly shouldn’t be giving your pet products that are formulated with humans in mind, dogs do have an endocannabinoid system that operates similarly to ours and helps them maintain balance in the body.

That means regulation of daily body functions such as:

  • Pain
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • And other functions that provide balance or homeostasis to the body

Our highest-paid product model, “Brie,” enjoys Creature Comfort tincture on pate if the wind is making her nervous.

Roots Rx Recreational Dispensary Open 7 Days a Week

While not trying to overwhelm you with more than three great reasons to visit us, we do have one bonus reason.

We know that your schedule can get crazy, so we try to be there whenever you need us. All six of our Colorado dispensary locations are open seven days a week and many of these dispensaries stay open late.

Check out our menu any time and place your order online, or come in and see it for yourself.