A Crash Course on Cannabis Vaping

Vaping is one of the most innovative products evolving on the cannabis product market. Smoking has always been the top method of consumption, but as legal cannabis brings about new forms of the plant, many people have started to incorporate vaping into their cannabis consumption.

Whether you’ve tried vaping before, you do it now, or you’re completely new to the scene, there’s a lot to consider before exploring cannabis vaporizers. In Colorado, with such a large market, you have a number of product and cannabis dispensary options at your disposal, so it’s okay if you feel overwhelmed.

To make it easier on you, here’s everything you need to know about smoking cannabis vapes:

First of all, what is a vape?

Cannabis vapes allow you to inhale cannabis vapor. When you smoke from devices like bongs or pipes, you are also inhaling the smoke from burning cannabis (not great for your lungs!). Vapes or vape pens allow you to enjoy the effects of cannabis without as many toxic emissions as smoking from a joint.

To activate the cannabinoids in cannabis, such as CBD and THC, the compounds need to be heated to a high temperature (usually around 315-465°F). Vaporizers do this very quickly, meaning that you have a fuss-free way to inhale and enjoy your cannabis.

Typically, one puff of a cannabis vape will have a fast onset within a minute or two. It also allows you to control your experience.

Why are cannabis vapes so popular?

Smoking cannabis flower has always been the O-G way of doing things. However, the actual act of smoking can be difficult or deterring for some consumers. In fact, it can also be harmful for those with respiratory problems, such as asthma.

Vapes are an alternative to smoking flower. Many consumers are also put off by the natural smell of cannabis or want an option that doesn’t make it obvious they just took a puff five minutes ago. Vapes are discreet and some are odorless.

Lastly, vapes are highly efficient. Unlike smoking flower, or other methods of consumption, all of the plant is consumed. You lose almost no oil when taking a puff and the onset time is very quick because of how concentrated the oil is.

Overall, vapes are an attractive, discreet, and more efficient method of consuming cannabis, making it an easy choice for many types of consumers to enjoy.

How do I pick the right vape for me?

At this point, the number of adult-use dispensaries in Colorado are almost endless. You have so many brands, types, and ways to get your favorite cannabis products, including vaporizers.

Everyone has varying experiences with cannabis in general, so picking the right vape for you can be a challenge without knowledge around what makes one vape better than another.

Looking at any Colorado recreational dispensary, you’ll find cannabis vapes come in all shapes and sizes. Some vaporize flower or concentrates, and others – like vape pens – come with pre-filled cartridges containing cannabis oil. Let’s talk about that last option.

At Roots Rx, we have several options for cannabis oil cartridges to go in your vape pens. There are two main types you should know about.

Distillate Vapes

Vapes with distillate oil tend to focus on one specific cannabinoid, such as the common THC. This extraction process for distillate oil happens in a variety of ways to separate these cannabinoids from the plant matter – often with gas like ethanol or butane, to even steam distillation methods.

Distillate vapes tend to have a higher potency of one cannabinoid but less of the entourage effect. You’ll find options that are flavor-enriched and some that are not. Ask yourself: do you want your smoking experience to taste like cannabis or would you prefer something like pina colada?

Live Resin and Live Rosin Vapes

These vapes highlight the natural terpenes from the cannabis strain in which it was extracted from. These vapes tend to have lots of different cannabinoids, terpenes, and compounds in the oil, making it very flavorful.

They have a strong entourage effect and tend to deliver a ”smokers” high. There’s no wrong answer! Whichever you decide, you’ve just narrowed down your choices which will make shopping at a recreational dispensary much easier.

Buy cannabis vapes at a Colorado dispensary near you

As you can see, cannabis vaporizers come with a lot of different benefits that make it an ideal choice for new and seasoned consumers alike. We encourage you to try a vape at least once to decide if it has room in your cannabis experience.

If you’re feeling a bit on edge about it, Roots Rx has disposable vapes available in-store and online at our Aspen, Basalt, Eagle-Vail, Edwards, Gunnison, and Leadville locations.

Whether you’re curious about vapes for their benefits, convenience, or discretion, they can make for a great addition to your cannabis consumption.

Visit a Roots Rx near you for more information about cannabis vaporizers.