Are you seeking a “boost” in your day-to-day life experience? Enter “self-care,” which simply means taking care of your body and mind to empower you to be more present in your day-to-day life. There are options to make that happen, some strategies include getting consistent exercise, using relaxation techniques, and following self-soothing routines. For many, cannabis contributes to self-care.

Supplement Your Self Care 

When it comes to cannabis and self-care, cannabis certainly isn’t a substitute for more permanent practices. However, it can help in the short term while working towards long-term results. There is no substitute for seeking medical advice from a doctor or mental health professional.

Reduce Stress

Cannabis and self-care make a great combo when you are seeking stress or anxiety reduction. Sativas combined with a recreational activity like hiking or yoga can help the mind focus on the breath which ultimately provides an outlet for stress. Sativas can also be great for conquering home projects like organization and decluttering, which is proven to provide stress and the process can be cathartic for some.

Indicas and hybrid dominance variations can provide a body high perfect for taking hot baths or soaking in hot springs, they also make a great companion to restorative yoga practices that focus on making the body completely relaxed. Experimenting with CBD combined with THC can also provide results great for relaxation.

Many people tap into creativity as part of their self-care routine. Coloring, painting, and other artistic pursuits can lower stress hormones. If you want to relax and reach a more creative place, plenty of anecdotal evidence says that cannabis can help, as well as a growing number of scientific studies to back up those claims.

Cannabis And Self Care 

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