So, you’ve just bought a new potent THC flower and overestimated the dose. Or perhaps you overate your favorite dessert edible. Whether you’re a newbie or a cannabis expert, we all may go through the experience of accidentally getting too high.

The feeling of being too high from THC can often lead to anxious or paranoid thoughts or even increased heart rate or body heat. But have no fear – just like the many ways there are to get high, there are some helpful tricks to help ease you down from too much THC.

Consider this the official Roots RX guide to helpful tips for when you accidentally get too high.

1. Counteract with CBD

Considering the way cannabinoids work with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our bodies, both THC and CBD bind with specific receptors to send signals and reactions throughout parts of our body. 

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid derived from cannabis with psychoactive properties that give off high effects. On the other hand, CBD (cannabidiol) is another major cannabinoid that does not have psychoactive effects but counteracts these properties of THC by blocking this activation from the brain.

Oftentimes, this is why flower cultivars with a balanced or higher ratio of CBD to THC will give less psychoactive effects and induce therapeutic properties.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve accidentally got too high, grab a tincture, edible, or smokeable flower high in CBD to help counteract the psychoactivity of THC.

2. Have Black Peppercorn Handy

While terpenes are major components of the flavor profile and experience of cannabis strains, they are also dominant in many household herbs and foods. Terpenes in cannabis play a major part in the uplifting or sedating effects of cannabis and interact with cannabinoids like THC or CBD to modulate the effects you feel.

Beta-caryophyllene is a terpene commonly found in plants such as cinnamon and clove, but primarily dominant in black peppercorns. This terpene happens to be the single known for its specific binding to the CB2 receptorswhich send and regulate signals throughout the body – compared to others binding to CB1 receptors in the brain. Because of this beta-caryophyllene binding to the same CB1 receptors as THC, its ability to thoroughly and directly balance out psychoactive effects.

Chewing, sniffing, or eating black peppercorns when you’re feeling too high will help counteract the THC effects signaling to the CB1 receptors in your ECS.

3. Drink More Water!

Most times, staying hydrating is always the answer! Accidentally getting too high can bring on effects of dry mouth, or cottonmouth, making you feel more dehydrated than normal. Additionally, feelings of anxiousness or paranoia from getting too high can often lead to heavy panting or breathing.

Drinking plenty of water and hydrating during any effects, overwhelming or not, will help to bring on a more comfortable high. Alternatively, it’s important to stay mindful about consuming alcoholic beverages during your cannabis consumption – it can often increase or worsen the high effects of weed.

4. Create Your Set and Setting

When it comes to curating your cannabis high experience, you may have heard the term, “set and setting.” Almost one-third of cannabis users in the U.S. consume with the intent to reduce anxiety or stress. The last thing you want is to spark up (or indulge in cannabis edible) and then feel even worse than before!

A great approach to an almost undeniably positive high experience is to ensure you are in ultimate comfort. There are plenty of mental health studies and research that suggest how taking a walk or getting a breath of fresh air can help clear and ease the mind. The wonderful part about cannabis is that the options for a unique cannabis setting or activity are endless – maybe you want to explore a new nature trail, cozy up with your favorite book, or put on a movie and snack on some munchies.

No matter what type of high experience and adventure you choose, surrounding yourself in a familiar and comfortable environment to your preferences is crucial for a desirable cannabis experience. It can also help in any instances where you may feel a bit overwhelmed or accidentally get too high.

5. Don’t Panic! 

If you’re experiencing anxious or paranoia-related symptoms from your cannabis consumption, don’t panic! Remember that this is just a side effect of the potency of THC. High, anxious feelings or increased heart rate are common effects of too much THC, but this is often the limit of symptoms. Besides, the number of deaths from accidentally consuming too much THC is the same as unicorn deaths – none! 

Sit back and relax, maybe play some of your favorite tunes, and remember this feeling will pass.

Curating a Positive Cannabis Experience with RootsRX 

Every user has a unique intention and meaning behind their cannabis consumption. The same goes for the dosage, amount, and method of consumption. Accidentally getting too high can happen to the best of us, but no one should have to inherently suffer or feel uncomfortable as a result.

Both newcomers and cannabis connoisseurs should stay prepared and equipped to handle moments of feeling too overwhelmed or uncomfortable from a high experience.

Shop our Roots Rx dispensary menu to browse the selection of CBD-based tinctures, edibles, and formulas to help ease any potent effects of THC. Stop by any of our Colorado dispensary locations and speak with our helpful budtenders to find cannabis flower strains with balanced ratios of CBD and THC.

No matter the cannabis product or high adventure that awaits – Roots Rx is here to ensure a positively curated cannabis experience for you!