Of all the places in Colorado, Denver is the one known for two things above all: stunning mountain vistas and a thriving cannabis culture.

It’s only logical that recreational dispensaries in Denver are equally adept at providing a seamless and enjoyable cannabis experience. Since the state legalized adult-use cannabis in 2014, dispensaries have sprouted up all across the Centennial State.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned connoisseur, a visitor or a resident, it’s natural to have questions about what sets one dispensary apart from another or how to navigate the vast array of products available in the state.

We’ve compiled essential insights straight from our Colorado budtender team to guide you through the process of buying adult-use cannabis:

Keep your weed out of driver’s reach

Even when purchasing cannabis in a legal state like Colorado, it’s important to protect yourself by knowing the state’s cannabis rules.

One of the major concerns is driving under the influence. According to the state government, cannabis can be carried in cars but it cannot be in an open container. It is illegal to use or consume in a motor vehicle and it is illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis.

For this reason, it is recommended that you keep cannabis out of the driver’s reach when purchasing in a legal state to ensure compliance with transportation regulations.

Don’t mix booze and weed

if you aren’t used to consuming cannabis and alcohol together, don’t start in elevation. Colorado has an average elevation of approximately 6,800 feet (2,070 meters) above sea level.

However, the state’s elevation can vary significantly across different regions. The highest point in Colorado is the summit of Mount Elbert at 14,440 feet (4,401 meters), which is also the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado’s elevation is generally higher compared to other states in the United States, meaning that visitors especially are prone to getting altitude sickness.

At higher altitudes, alcohol can have a stronger effect on individuals. The reduced oxygen levels in the air can enhance the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream, leading to quicker intoxication. It is advisable to consume alcohol in moderation and be aware of the potential for increased impairment at higher altitudes.

While there isn’t extensive research on the specific effects of cannabis at high altitudes, some individuals may experience differences in their responses when compared to a more average altitude.

The altered oxygen levels can potentially intensify the psychoactive effects of cannabis, leading to stronger sensations or altered experiences for some users. It’s, therefore, advisable to start with lower doses and be mindful of personal tolerance levels when consuming cannabis at higher altitudes.

If you’re visiting the Mile High City, be sure to tread carefully with your consumption. Many locals will recommend that you stock up on electrolytes throughout the day. You can use Liquid IV sticks, Nuun, Emergen-C, Gatorade, and other similar products to help you acclimate.

If you’re a local, you may not notice as much of a difference, but it’s never a bad idea to start low and go slow if you’re mixing alcohol and cannabis for the first time. (If you need some ideas on what to try, make our Colorado Sunrise Cannabis Mocktail.)

Remember to always consume responsibly!

Colorado’s altitude could dehydrate you

In addition to altitude sickness, the elevation could dehydrate you. High altitudes tend to be drier, and the air is often less humid. Combined with increased respiratory and urine water loss due to altitude acclimatization, this can lead to dehydration.

You don’t have to be a frequent cannabis consumer to know that “cotton mouth” is a common side effect of cannabis.

Not to mention all the activities you may partake in aside from consumption, such as hot tubbing, hiking, and more.

All these things can dehydrate you quickly, so be mindful of that when consuming anything for the first time. Always remain prepared with drinking water and don’t be afraid to add a little extra hydration to your day in some way, especially if you’re visiting.

When traveling to high-altitude areas, it’s crucial to allow time for acclimatization. The body needs to adjust to the decreased oxygen levels, which can take a few days. Remember to drink water, increase your electrolyte intake, and take it easy.

Don’t travel out-of-state with your cannabis

Whether you’re visiting or you call Colorado home, it can be easy to pack your cannabis like the essential it is. However, it is not legal to take cannabis products across state lines.

Despite the state’s legal status, federal law prohibits the transportation of cannabis, even between states where it is legal. No matter if you’re flying or driving, protect yourself and any travel companions by keeping your stash at home and stocking up again at your final destination (if it’s legal there).

Ask your budtenders questions

Some people view budtenders only as the person working the register, but this could not be further from the truth. Our staff is highly trained to be knowledgeable about our entire menu, meaning they can listen to your needs and recommend the best product for you.

Whether you’re looking for a specific recommendation, want some general guidelines on how to experiment with products, or something else, budtenders are here to help. Don’t hesitate to ask them a question (or a hundred!).

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